Sclerotherapy Lake Oswego

Sclerotherapy Lake Oswego

Do you feel self-conscious about veins on your legs? Aside from being bothersome visually, varicose veins may also be associated with serious medical conditions, causing pain and swelling. Here at LOVA, we use sclerotherapy for the treatment of unsightly spider veins, varicose veins, and capillaries.*

Sclerotherapy Portland is a medical procedure that involves the injection of medicine into a targeted area to collapse the vein, causing it to shrink in size and no longer be visible.* This effective technique is suitable for most patients suffering from unwanted veins on their legs and thighs.* After the procedure, we recommend patients abstain from physical activity for a few days to allow the treatment to take full effect.

*Individual results may vary.

Sclerotherapy Before and After Photos

Sclerotherapy before photo


After Sclerotherapy



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