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Susan is our registered vascular ultrasound technician (RVT). You will meet her when you schedule your venous diagnostic or mapping ultrasound with us. She is Dr. Shakir’s first assistant. Susan assists with all our vein procedures. She has been with us since 2017 and also works as RVT at one of the local hospital in Portland area. She is an amazing shining “star” on our team (you’ll know what we mean when you meet her) and we are very lucky to have her!



Sara is our front desk receptionist and the first person you’ll meet at our office. She will schedule your visit at LOVA, coordinate all of your treatments, and help with scheduling your procedures. Sara is the “Boss Lady!” She has the talent to make everything move forward pleasantly & smoothly in a timely fashion.





Olava is our second registered vascular ultrasound technician (RVT). She has a great set of skills in assassinating and making sure things are done right. She is here to help with venous diagnostic or mapping ultrasound.


Dunya is our medical assistant here to help guide you into the correct room and make sure your visit here at LOVA is comfortable. Dunya will help perfect your experience and help with answering questions or wonderings that may come up. Sanitation and following guidelines is a huge priority for her, so you can rest assure for the clinics cleanliness and organized flow.


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