Laser Tattoo Removal Lake Oswego and Portland

Laser Tattoo Removal Lake Oswego and Portland

Maybe you’re embarrassed about the tattoo you couldn’t wait to get when you were 18 that seems a bit silly now that you’re 40. Or perhaps there’s an old girlfriend’s name somewhere on your body that needs to go.

Or what if you love the idea of your particular piece of body art, but the tattoo artist who created it wasn’t quite up to the task and you aren’t happy with how it looks?

Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of your tattoo, you need to find out everything you can about laser tattoo removal in Lake Oswego now. 

The experts at Lake Oswego Vein & Aesthetic medical spa are here to guide you through your laser tattoo removal process. Find out what to expect, who the ideal candidates are, and other frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal.

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal with laser uses a high-intensity light beam to gradually remove your tattoo. The lasers focus the beams of light directly onto the skin and break the ink down into smaller particles, which can then be processed and removed from the body by the immune system.

Since black tattoo pigment absorbs all wavelengths from lasers, it is the easiest color to treat. Some colors can only be treated by specific lasers based on pigment.

Lake Oswego Vein & Aesthetic has achieved the best laser tattoo removal results using the PicoSure laser. PicoSure was specifically made to target tattoo ink and successfully shatters ink particles without harming the surrounding tissue.

PicoSure typically requires fewer treatments than traditional laser tattoo removal and has been proven to effectively target:

  • Difficult-to-remove black ink
  • Multicolored tattoos, including reds, greens, and blues
  • Stubborn tattoos that haven’t responded well to previous treatment

Individual results for the PicoSure tattoo removal laser may vary and are not guaranteed.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The first step in laser tattoo removal is scheduling a consultation with a trained professional who will evaluate your tattoo and give you recommendations about its removal.

During the session, first you’ll be given protective glasses to shield your eyes from the laser. Next, your technician will test your skin’s reaction to the laser to help guide treatment. They will then pulse the light through the top layers of your skin and into the tattoo pigment.

The smaller a tattoo is, the fewer pulses it will need to dissipate. Larger tattoos will need more pulses to cover the surface area.

As the ink particles are dispersed, they are absorbed into the body and processed by your immune system.

Areas Where Laser Tattoo Removal Can Be Used

You can attempt to get a tattoo removed from any part of your body. But just like some places on the body are easier to tattoo, the same is true of removing those tattoos as well.

In general, parts of the body with better circulation (high muscle mass and close proximity to the heart) are easier to remove tattoos from. These include the:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Arms; and
  • Legs

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done in other areas, just that it will probably take more sessions and the results may not be quite as good. Places it can be hard to remove a tattoo from include the:

  • Face
  • Ankles
  • Wrists
  • Feet; and
  • Hands

Ideal Candidates for Laser Tattoo Removal

The ideal candidate for tattoo removal:

  • Is in good health
  • Has realistic expectations; and
  • Understands possible risks and side effects

The laser tattoo removal process also works better on people who don’t smoke. That’s because smoking affects circulation and can slow the effects of the laser.

Other Factors That May Affect Laser Tattoo Removal

Other things that can affect how easy or difficult it is to remove your tattoo include:

  • Skin color – It is generally easier to remove tattoos from those with fair skin and will probably take longer/more sessions for darker-skinned people.
  • Tattoo size – This seems obvious, but larger tattoos take longer to remove than smaller ones.
  • Age of the tattoo – Older, faded tattoos are generally easier to remove than new, fresh ink.
  • Ink color – Darker inks are usually harder to dispel than lighter colors. 

When you have your consultation about laser tattoo removal in Lake Oswego, your provider will be able to advise you about how all these things factor into the process for you.


laser tattoo removal lake oswego


What to Expect During Your Laser Tattoo Removal

The length of each tattoo removal session depends on all the factors we discussed previously.

Different patients experience varying levels of discomfort, but the staff at Lake Oswego Vein & Aesthetic always prioritizes patient satisfaction. Your technician will make sure you are aware of what is happening at all times throughout the procedure and that you are as comfortable as possible.


Hear What Our Patients Have to Say About Our Laser Tattoo Removal Services in Lake Oswego

“My eyebrows had been tattooed and I got them treated with laser. They already look a thousand times better!”

– Elene B.

Very friendly and attentive staff. Dr. Maha Shakir is very informative and always makes my visits feel comfortable. I’m currently going in for tattoo removal sessions and I can’t wait to see the results!

– Viri S.


Before and After Photos of Laser Tattoo Removal


laser tattoo removal lake oswego


FAQs About Laser Tattoo Removal

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

There is some level of pain during laser tattoo removal, but it’s pretty tolerable for most people. Some people compare it to the same level of pain as when they got the tattoo, while others say it feels like bacon grease or a rubber band popping against their skin.

The team at LOVA will do everything they can to make you comfortable during the procedure.

Is There Any Downtime for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Your skin may be a little sore after the procedure, but it shouldn’t keep you from doing any of your normal daily activities. Some people also experience swelling or blistering. Your provider will give you instructions about how to best take care of your skin after your session.

Treatments are usually scheduled about six to eight weeks apart to both give the skin time to heal completely and see the results of the previous session.

How Do I Know If Laser Tattoo Removal Is Right for Me?

The PicoSure laser is a safe and effective treatment for tattoo removal. If you’re ready to get rid of a tattoo for any reason, this method is right for you.

How Many Sessions Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

Because the ink of your tattoo was applied in layers, it takes multiple sessions to remove with a laser. The number of sessions will depend on how big your tattoo is, your skin tone, where the tattoo is on your body, and other factors.

Lake Oswego Vein & Aesthetic medical spa uses the PicoSure laser for tattoo removal, which typically requires fewer treatments than traditional laser tattoo removal. As with all cosmetic procedures, individual results vary and are not guaranteed.

Are Laser Tattoo Removal Results Permanent?

Once the particles of your tattoo pigment are broken up by the laser and processed through your immune system, they are gone for good. 

Some people experience hyperpigmentation from laser tattoo removal, but the skin almost always goes back to normal after it is fully healed.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

The cost of laser tattoo removal in Lake Oswego varies depending on conditions such as how many sessions are needed, the age and size of the tattoo, etc. 

If you’re interested in having this procedure done, you should schedule a consultation with Lake Oswego Vein & Aesthetic to get more information. They will be able to give you an estimate of your total cost for removal based on your tattoo and other factors.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal?

The main benefit of this procedure is that it is an effective way to rid yourself of unwanted tattoos, which can help improve your self-confidence and appearance.

Other benefits of Lake Oswego laser tattoo removal are that it doesn’t need much recovery time, causes minimal discomfort, and is safe.


Contact Lake Oswego Vein & Aesthetic for Your Laser Tattoo Removal Needs

If you’re ready to explore tattoo removal in Lake Oswego, contact the area’s top medical spa to set up a consultation. Lake Oswego Vein & Aesthetic wants to help discover a more confident you, whether that’s from laser tattoo removal, hair restoration, or any one of the dozens of other cosmetic treatments we offer.

We use the latest in technology, like the PicoSure laser in the Portland area, and offer quick in-office treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Call us at the number below to schedule a consultation today and get started on your laser tattoo removal journey in Portland and Lake Oswego areas. 


laser tattoo removal lake oswego

The content in this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.



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