“Dr. Shakir is an expert in laser technology hair removal. I’ve worked with her for several months and feel so much better about myself. My confidence in my appearance is the best it’s ever been. She is a delight to work with and has the client in mind all the time. I highly recommend her without reservation.” – Angel P.

“Professional staff, exceptional care! Relaxing waiting room. They used numbing cream prior to treatment. I was still feeling it. Doctor held my hands during treatment which help it a lot. Good result after couple sessions. I purchased 6 sessions package, We schedule visit every 6 weeks.” – waleedalmulla on

“Thank You so much for Providing such wonderful services. Dr. Maha Shakir and staff are very friendly and provided me with an exceptional experience. She treats me with tender loving care because she really does care. I also appreciate your weekend hours. Thank you Dr.” – dhnaki on

“Dr. Shakir is a compassionate, kind and genuinely nice person with a truly amazing bedside manner. She is knowledgeable and trustworthy, and I never doubt that I am in the best of care. I am having a tattoo removed and she listened to my goal of keeping some of it, and combined two treatments to offer me the fastest results that worked within my budget.” – hopeangel1225 on

“I go to Dr. Shaker to get the filler and botox regularly. I am always impressed with the results. Sht on my sensetive skin.

I highly recommend Dr. Shakir especially she is a surgeon with long experience. With her, I feel safe in good hands.” – Nuha K.

“Dr. Shakir used the Pico Sure machine on my face for laser skin revitalization, sun damage,& spot reve literally disappeared. It’s amazing!

The spots on my face are now gone. The texture of my skin is so nice. My friends keep saying I look great,& I have a much more youthful appearance!” – Rena W.

“I loved my laser skin treatment with Dr. Shakir. My skin tone is even and it’s the first time in my and kind. I would recommend this service for anyone that suffers from uneven skin tone.” – Becca B.

“I went to see Dr. Maha Shakir at the LOVA Centre right here in the heart of L.O a few weeks ago and I knew I was in good hands. I came out feeling more confident than I have felt in a long time. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family.” – Tasneem R.

“I go to Dr. Maha Shakir regularly for botox and filler. Every time, I am impressed with the results. She does exactly what I ask for.

She uses high quality material which never has any bad effect on my sensitive skin.
I strongly recommend Dr. Shakir especially she is a surgeon with long experience. With her I feel safe in good hands.” – nkamalud on

“I was looking for injector who does not overcorrect age related lines on the face. A friend referred me to Dr. Shakir. I received 2 syringes of filler for my lower face, Xeomin on my forehead. I loved the result and how my face looked at the end of the treatment. My face looked natural and more youthful.” – walmulla on

“Dr. Shakir worked on the laugh lines around my eyes and mouth as well as fixing the spider veins around ural look I have now. I am very pleased as I still look like myself just less tired. Dr. Shakir is also a very kind, approachable, gentle doctor. Cant’t recommend her enough!!!” – Heather G.

“I have been in to see Maha for Botox treatments on the forehead lines. It was a quick and easy treatment with no pain or bruising.” – Nadine S.

“I had a varicose veins procedure with Dr. Shakir few month ago. My experience was great. Dr. Shakir was done in a very short time. I don’t have any pain in my legs. I recommend anyone who has varicose veins to go see her.” – Amal S.

I had treatment for my face with Filler and Botox. Dr. Maha is a very experienced doctor and she knows what she’s doing. I love the result was natural and beautiful and restored my self-confidence.” – Lama A.

“She treated me really well & she did a very good job, she can finish her work fast & it will end up with really good results. I recommend her as a doctor.” – Flor R.

“I had the Venaseal treatment done by Dr. Shakir and I could not be happier with the results. The procedure was very fast and comfortable and allowed for both legs to be treated at the same visit. A few days after the treatment, I noticed that the varicose veins in my calves had disappeared!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Shakir. Her professionalism and warm hospitality are very much appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Shakir.” – Sandy R.

“I am very impressed with the skill & technique of Dr. Shakir. She is able to visualize the results prior to the treatment and afterward everything is so beautiful! She knows exactly what to do. My face looks much younger and I am so happy with my results.” – Pauline S.

“Dr. Shakir and her staff were very warm and professional for my varicose treatments. I am amazed at the huge difference in my veins now, my legs don’t look scary anymore. The clinic is a welcoming environment for women looking for treatment. It is nice to be respected as a patient.” – Noel T.

“I am half way through my treatment package and I could not be more pleased with my results thus far.” – Paula Jean S.

“Dr. Shakir was pleasant & knowledgeable. A careful surgeon & a thorough physician. I would recommend her with high regards as a credit to her profession. My experience was that I felt like I was in careful hands, with a high degree of integrity.” -Larry S.

“Dr. Shakir is the best. She goes above & beyond! I love every procedure I had done. I was extremely nervous about getting filler & botox, but she made me comfortable and the results are fantastic – the fat removal procedure was great, nice results after the procedure. I can’t say enough great things about her.” – Lori W.

“Great, comfortable environment. The first thing I noticed was the friendly attitude of the doctor. She did a wonderful job of explaining the procedure and kept me comfortable the entire time. Also, she provides wonderful snacks and other goodies. It has made me more confident, especially in the work place, where hyperhydrosis mares a negative impact. The warming environment mixed with great hospitality during the entire procedure.” – Bassel A.

“Dr. Shakir was amazing. She worked with my insurance and got approval for my procedure. I was educated on all my options and she explained each treatment step by step. Dr. Shakir is very one on one with new patients and cares deeply about meeting their needs. Don’t waste time. Make an appointment with Dr. Shakir today – you’ll be amazed by the results.” – Marilyn B.

“I had varicose vein treatment with Dr. Shakir & she was amazing. She followed up with me to make sure I was feeling fine the next day and was always available to answer any questions.” – Dan W.

“I received sclerotherapy and radio frequency ablation treatments for varicose veins in my legs. I had long thought of doing this, but was scared that the aesthetic benefits would outweigh the health benefits. I was nervous that the procedures might adversely affect my ability to exercise. Dr. Shakir’s testimony to the contrary held more weight, as she is a runner herself. Overall, Dr. Shakir’s knowledge and enthusiasm was confidence inspiring. I highly recommend Dr. Shakir should you be considering this treatment.” – Anonymous

“Dr Shakir used the PicoSure machine on me for laser skin revitalization, sun damage, & spot removal. I had my hands done also. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The spots on my hands have literally disappeared – it’s amazing! The spots on my face are now gone, & the texture of my skin is so nice. My friends keep saying I look great & have a much more youthful appearance!” – Rena G.

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