Whole Body Laser Hair Removal

Purchase whole body laser hair removal for just $3,900!*

Why choose to shave when you can be smooth and spend less time in the shower? Our greatest deal yet would be our whole body laser hair removal pricing! Specially thought out for those of us who just want to spend less time shaving and do something more productive with our time!  Call us to schedule a consult or questions.


New Patient Special – $200 Off Vein Treatments

Receive $200 off with the purchase of an Excel-V plus vein treatment package!*

How this works: First the doctor will take a look at how much veins you have and will determine the amount of treatments you need. Depending on vein severity your custom pricing will be determined.


Free Vein Screening

Not sure what procedure to choose to treat those pesky veins? Schedule your FREE screening today!*

A free vein screening is an evaluation of veins on the legs to determine wether or not you have a venous disease and need surgery or superficial veins that can be aesthetically treated.

If you want possible treatment and have more questions schedule a consult with the doctor.


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